Saturday, 17 June 2017

Think, Create, Connect Maker Camp Day

Students in Stage 3 partnered with groups of students from St. George Christian School and St. Finbar’s Primary School for a Think, Create, Connect Maker Camp Day.

During this event we learnt many new skills and thought like 'makers'. We learnt about risk-taking, imagination, wonder and design thinking. Through collaboration we were able to feedforward ideas and see our blueprints become a reality.

Students engaged in activities such as Arduino programming where they created light shows, with varied success, on iconic Australian architecture. Other activities included bridge building with straws, Morse code and a SOLE asking "Why do living things need light to survive?" Some groups were involved with making electronic arcade or board games using Makey Makey's and some made moving electronic robots using cardboard boxes.

The day was a lot of fun; however, many of us had time in the “pit of frustration” when technology just was not working the way it was meant to! It's all part of the learning process.

Posted by Brian Host

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